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#SalónDoMARCO is configured as a space recognizable by society itself, like that living room of a home in which to gather around a table or sit on the sofa and talk about becoming and everyday life. This ‘place to be’ is conceived as a project of mediation, experimentation and collective research that facilitates the promotion of learning communities; considering mediation not as a process of explanation of what happens there, but as a device that seeks to weave networks and generate connections.

Contemporary art museums are spaces that create subjectivities, and also amplifiers of narratives; they are places for the sublime, but also makers of the present. They should be places that challenge society and are affected by it, in which the commitment to contemporaneity conditions the creation of other ways of doing, in which discourse is configured as a cornerstone of art.

The opening of this place in the MARCO opens a new infrastructure in the museum itself to test another interface that claims the ability of citizens to build and make common. Through a series of devices —workshops, seminars, encounters, talks, experimental proposals …— it is tried that the citizenship appropriates the # SalónDoMARCO. The generation of research nodes, the construction of the space itself, or the promotion of learning communities, are some of the interventions to be developed.

Calendar of actions:

Workshop #MAKE SPACE. March 30 – April 12. By Álex F. Palicio (with the advice of Paul Guy). Participants: Alberto ‘Ash’ Santos, Erik Balbuena, Zaida Gómez, David Mortol Moreno, Raquel López Castro, Mª Pilar López Ribera, Iria Treig Comesaña, José Manuel Vidal Vidal
Epistemic community # COLLECTIVE PROJECT CLINIC. 18/19 and 25/26 May
Workshop # DIGITAL MANUFACTURING, June 9. By Alg-a Lab
Experimental Research #VIGO REBELDE, METAL IN STRUGGLE, June – August. By Niquelarte / Adela Vázquez
Seminar # COMMON AND CULTURE, October 7. By Derriba Project
Conversation Arte & Ciencia #O GALHEGHO LINGUA DO COMÚN, 13 octubre. By: Luz Pichel & Montserrat Recalde
#PAN DE CONA Performance Conversation, November 10th. By: Rita Caoba & Electroqueer

The inauguration took place in the space itself, on Saturday 22 April at 12.30 (vermouth session), with a presentation by Fran Quiroga, with Lara Dopazo Ruibal on poetry.

Function: Curator
Devices: conversations, performance conferences, experimental research, collaborative design and recycling, poetry
Budget: € 12,000
Temporality: 2017 – 2018
With the support of: Call for projects ANNEX 2017 MARCO de Vigo
With the collaboration of: Mauro Trastoy, Appropriate Technologies, Derrida Project, Alg-a Lab, Teis neighborhood, Niqularte, Electroqueer, Primavera do Cine, AELG, Engineering without Borders, Colectiva Teranga, Comando Igualdade and participants in the workshops.
Image by: #salóndoMARCO, Inaugural action of the exhibition “Vigo Rebelde. O metal en loita”