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The rural environment as a territory, habitat, place and a knowledge-producing space has been undergoing a process of colonization by urban centers. It is urgent to understand the rural environment not only as a space that produces food and other raw materials, but also as a context that produces subjectivities where other (re) existence poetics have been and are being given. And in the search for these other alternatives to modernity, ruralities can give us important clues. With Ruraldecolonized, we try to see how certain ways of being in the rural environment and living it, certain knowledge or ways of relating to nature have been marginalized in favor of a supposed modernity.

Through this experimental research we seek to open debate, generate debate spaces and facilitate a dialogue of knowledges. We question how we have gone, and in that we are all accomplices, moving away from the rural. This process has caused a subalternization of knowledge and ways of being in the world. It is urgent to weave other mechanisms that reverse these processes and that help to deform these relationships of subalternity.

Through Walk Conversations and Walk Talk we wanted to facilitate the enunciation of those multiple, varied, counter-hegemonic processes that give us clues as to how it is possible to reconstruct / reverse the universalizing claim of globalization. Perhaps this process will come when we are able to vindicate the power of the diversity of knowledges and ways of being.

Function: Artistic Co-Direction (with Andrea Olmedo)
Devices: Walking Conversations and Walking Conferences
Budget: 12800€
Temporality: 2016 – 2017
With the support of: Laboratory 987 of the MUSAC and the CGAC
With the collaboration of: Iván (Genzo P), Laura del Amo, Gonçalo Mota, veciños e veciñas de Travanca, Moimenta, Castromil, Sobarriba, Sierra Pambley, Centro Social Matadoiro Compostela, Centro de interpretación Ambiental de Compostela, Ateneo Varillas
Image of: Ruraldecolonized. The image corresponds to one of the Walking Conversations, a device generated specifically in research as a form of dialogic interaction.
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