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Applied Sensorialities, an art-science essay was an experimental investigation that was carried out at the Luis Seoane Foundation and in which sensory perception was tested with the artist’s works. To find out what it means for the viewer to visit / inhabit a work of art. To do this, we use sensory analysis software and an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure emotions by analyzing the electrical activity of the brain using small electrodes; but also through the body itself, trying to bring work closer to the body and vice versa.

Deepening the attention, making it more sustained, fuller is an attempt to resist the economy of attention, as a way to stop, to become aware of the here and now, of the moment, to enjoy the sensory experience, to put the body in fingertips. service of that particular moment. Throughout some workshops, the experience of inhabiting a work was analyzed, a more conscious and less conscious attention was played (which could be the usual when visiting a museum), in order to know what it means for the viewer to see the work , but also how to exercise to train attention and improve sensory acuity.

In this study, the emotions felt at different times during the visit to the Luis Seoane Foundation were measured. Specifically, 10 experiments were carried out that were measured in order to harmonize the results and compare the actions. Measurements were made using two different methods, surveys and EEG headband, as well as through the analysis of conversations derived from each experience. Therefore, participants were measured by engagement, concentration, interest, relaxation, stress, and emotion.

The research had the collaboration of Taste Lab, S.L, a pioneering spin of the University of Santiago of Compostela specialized in sensory analysis

To download the performative essay containing the results of the experimental research, click HERE (in galician).

Funtion: artistic direction
Device: Experimental Research
Budget: € 7000€
Season: 2021
With the support of:  grant from  Xunta de Galicia to promote plastic and visual arts creation-production activities
With colaboration of: participants of workshops and Luis Seoane Foundation.
Image by: Oscar Gorriz. The image corresponds to one of the workshops A Que Luis Seoane knows.
Publicatión: Fanzine Applied Sensorialities, an art-science essay, self edition
In the fanzine design: Nadina Gráfica and in riso printing: Manchea