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The Cabinet of Political Imagination was a hybrid space which combined art and social technologies, collectives, entities, cooperatives and informal groups in order to obtain resources to achieve greater quotas of autonomy, creative capacity and resilience. In the Cabinet of Political Imagination we ask ourselves (questioned) how imagination can help us dream other microworlds where we can reserve contemporary inequalities and how, through reverie, informal collectives or groups can gain autonomy. At a time when, social ties are increasingly suffering from commercialization or disruption,, it is necessary to weave and strengthen processes of social cooperation.

The Cabinet was formalized as a learning community, which co-makes a process and we try to see how collectives or social groups can gain autonomy in their collective processes. In addition to that, we organised workshops Conversations to Imagine with Mafe Moscoso and Jaron Rowan and a community work with domestic workers wh was activated with the collaboration of the NGO Ecos del Sur and Territorio Domestico, thanks to whom we promoted the Precarious Catwalk. We also published the Manual for Collective Work. Imagine to transform which offers examples of practices and tools that can serve as inspiration for communities.

In 2017, it obtained the support of the Citizen Innovation Laboratory 2017 (COLAB), program of the Council for Participation and Democratic Innovation of the Council of A Coruña to carry out social innovation projects

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