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Transdisciplinary researcher. Among her lines of work are the crosses between activism, art, social participation and the commons. He has a degree in political science from the University of Santiago de Compostela, with studies at the universities of Cork, Minho, A Coruña, or Granada and he has a Master’s in Information Technology. He co-directed research such as Ruraldecolonized, the Political Imagination Cabinet, Rare Parties, the Program of Studies in Common Hand (PEMAN), or #salondoMARCO, he coordinated  Naturalizarte project in Guadalaviar (Teruel) and was co-coordinator of Montenoso. He is also a mediator in Concomitentes with the Legacy Care project.

He is co-author and co-editor of the works Através das marxes (Bartleboth, 2018), Revoltando á terra (Bolanda, 2018), The party, the rare and the public space (Bartleboth, 2019), Montes, vacas y común (MediaLab Prado, 2015) ) and has given talks at centers such as MUSAC, the University of Oviedo, Pennsylvania, the MediaLab Prado, the Ministry of Culture, the University of Vigo or the Cerezales Foundation, among other spaces.

Among his areas of study are the commons, while it is the communities that, through governance, their autonomy, manage a good / resource, which enables better resilience. Among his projects, he seeks to create spaces for socialization. meeting places, as it is from there where those interdependencies so necessary to guarantee resilience and autonomy can be built.

He is an R&D technician for the ReVOLTA network of agroecology research groups and currently collaborates in the Barbanza Ecosocial Laboratory, a pioneering space for research and action that seeks to think about those historical management that can be replicated in the future from an eco-social perspective.

He also has alter egos, such as the Divine Disguised Head or the Queen of the Anthropocene.

Contacto: fran.g.quiroga[arroba]